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Fever? Aches? Fatigue? Sore Throat? Cough? Headache? If you've had flu symptoms for less than 3 days, consider our study on a new investigational flu treatment. A local clinic is looking for volunteers to test a new investigational oral medication for people with influenza(flu). To participate you must:

  1. Be 12 to 65+ years old
  2. Have flu symptoms that began within the last 2 days (including fever, aches, chills, cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, headache or fatigue)
  3. High risk group i.e., Diabetics, Asthma, Any kind of heart disease , COPD , history of stroke and 65+ years

Your medical history and other criteria will be reviewed at the first study visit to see if you can be in the study.

The main part of the study includes 9 visits to the study clinic over 22 days. Qualified participants will receive study medication at no cost and reimbursement for their time & travel
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